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In This Issue
  • Ghost Goodies
  • New Twitter Tools
  • Product Hunt Updates/Apps
  • Notion-Based Website Builders
NOTE: Some links are affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase after clicking them I will earn a small commission.
Ghost Goodies
The newsletter you're reading is created using Ghost. It's a great platform, and if you're looking for create a newsletter I highly recommend looking into it.

Here are some great resources: Goes Beyond Ghost Comments
Ghost only recently announced native comments. That's right! Around since 2013, Ghost didn't have built-in commenting until last month. Cove filled that gap quite nicely, tying directly into the Ghost membership functionality.

Given the recent changes with Ghost, the creator (Dan Rowden) will be expanding the offering. First on the list is sending welcome emails to new members (coming soon).

There are lots of other features that Ghost's commenting system doesn't include, such as like buttons, emoji reactions, live member counters, and more.
Check Out Cove
New Twitter Tools
It seems that nearly every day there is a new Twitter-related app that pops up. Here are a few that are worth checking out, that I think are doing something pretty unique:
Engagement Builder: Engage Without Distractions
Built by @EmmeMaker and @SikiraAmer.

Why you should try it:

  • Find relevant tweets in your niche
  • Engage with others without distractions
  • Grow your followers' list fast
  • Improve and boost your business
  • Make your personal brand recognizable
Check Out Engagement Builder
Shrtcat: Followers-Only Links
Built by @PereAyats.

What you'll get:

  • Links that only followers can access
  • Detailed analytics for your links
  • Track which followers are using your content
Check Out Shrtcat
Airtweet: Grow Your Twitter Audience From Airtable
Built by @nickverhaege.

Reasons to check it out:

  • Schedule tweets and threads
  • Auto-schedule, auto-retweet, auto-plug per topic, evergreen retweet
  • Monitor key metrics
  • Best time to tweet per topic
Check Out Airtweet
Birdy: Automated A/B Testing for Your Twitter Profile
Built by @maximehugodupre.

Reasons to check it out:

  • Get more followers
  • Get more website clicks
  • Remove the guesswork
Check Out Birdy
Product Hunt Apps and Updates
Product Hunt is on a roll lately. Check out what they've been up to!
New iOS and Android Apps
In addition to the Launch Guide I covered in Issue #1 they've also revamped their iOS and Android apps. I have an iPhone so I can only speak to that, but the iOS app is much better!
Get the iOS app here and the Android app here.

Read More About It
Profiles Have a New Look
In addition to a design refresh, you now have access to:

• A new expanded bio/about me area
• Add additional links to your portfolio, social channels, github, etc.
• A timeline-based view of your products and launches
Read the Release Notes
Hunted: An App I Found When Searching for a Domain
Here I was, checking Namecheap to see if was available. The idea was to build something that showed all of the #1 Product Hunt products in one place. Someone (Grégoire Charles) had already built it, at that exact domain.
Check Out Hunted
Notion-Based Website Builders
Personally, I'm not the biggest Notion fan (please don't hurt me). I've wanted to like it, but I can't get it to click. Nonetheless, it's a super popular tool so I thought I'd give a list of apps that enable you to build a website using Notion:
Potion adds the magic, generating a speedy site with custom domains, styles and great SEO.
$10/mo • $96/yr
Check Out Potion
Create a website in less than a minute that’s easy to manage and looks great, with instant page loads, SEO optimization, and no-code.
Free • $12/mo • $132/yr
Check Out Super
Free, open source toolkit for building websites with Notion (it's what Grégoire used to build the website).
Free (lots of page views = Cloudflare Workers starting at $5/mo)
Check Out Fruition
Complete blogging platform with Notion as your CMS. Write your articles on Notion and publish them with a single click.
$15/mo • $150/yr
Check Out Feather
Build a website with Notion. Built in 10 sec. Free. Fast. No-code. Optimized for 0-headache.
Free • $12/mo • $99/yr
Check Out
Popsy Moves from Notion Site Builder to Notion-Like Builder
When Popsy was first introduced, it did something similar to the builders mentioned above. Notion was the CMS and Popsy was the builder.

They've pivoted a bit (they were #1 on Product Hunt this week) and now provide a Notion-like experience while using their website builder. You're no longer dependent on Notion for the content management.
Check Out Popsy
Well, that's a wrap!
Issue #2 of App Chat is under my belt :) So far, there has been no shortage of apps to write about.

I'll be sending these via email every Saturday (as well as publishing on
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