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In This Issue
  • Use your iPhone for video calls/recording
  • Improve and enhance your audio, on the cheap
  • Affordable, user-friendly video editing
  • Record podcasts and videos in studio quality
iPhone for Video Calls and Recordings
During the height of COVID, it was common to see webcams selling for 150-200% of their usual cost. With more and more people working remotely, webcams were all of a sudden under more scrutiny.

Which webcam offers the best quality picture? Which one provides the best value?

Meanwhile, a company called Reincubate was working on their app, Camo, which lets you use your iPhone's (amazing) camera as a webcam.
Use the Camo App with Your iPhone for Video Calls
Apple spends a lot of money making sure the cameras on their iPhone are fantastic, and they get better and better every year.

Reincubate say it best:
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