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Product Hunt: Launch Guide
If you've ever wondered how to launch on Product Hunt, then they've got the guide for you! It answers common questions, dispels myths, and shares best practices for your launch.
Check Out the Guide
Twitter Tools
There are some amazing updates to several popular Twitter-related tools. For anyone looking to create threads on Twitter, you'll want to take a look at these. Adds Thread Writing
If you haven't heard of BlackMagic, it's "enhanced Twitter for pro tweeters". I can't even really do it justice here. Visit the website to learn more.
Check Out BlackMagic Launches Writer Feature
The popular analytics tools now enables you to write tweets (and soon, threads).
Ilo Writer
Capture tweet ideas, sync drafts between your devices and schedule posts.
Typeshare Releases Loads of Templates
If you haven't heard of Typeshare, they say:
Write in our simple editor and publish natively to Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, and your very own Typeshare Social Blog.
They recently released a ton of writing templates, including packs by well-known creators.
Beta Apps
The Taskade app itself isn't in beta, but their Zapier integration is. I've been looking forward to this one for a little while.

Check out the beta app on Zapier and their help documentation for more info.
The Best To-Do List App With Notes, Mind Map, Calendar, and More!
Taskade is the ultimate to-do list app for teams. Unleash your productivity with modern task lists, notes, and mind maps, in one unified workspace.
Changelogs from Around the Web
ConvertKit: They've recently rolled out email notifications! You can now select "Open modal" as the on-click action for your list block, instead of opening a new page.

Airtable: Field manager, UI refresh, add forms to Interfaces, and more! Premium previews for email newsletters, native comments, free trials for premium memberships, and an Explore feature!

Glide: Charts are now available in Glide Pages, templates projects are in the dashboard, template submission form makes automatic screenshots, and more!

Zapier: You can now duplicate Paths in your Zaps, edit Zaps without turning them off, there's a new table view for your Zaps page, and account owners can export all Zaps.

AppSumo Gems
Software deals worth taking a look at. Not affiliate links.
Browse AI ★★★★★
Train a robot to scrape websites in two minutes, without any coding.
Check It Out
Feedbear ★★★★★
Collect and manage customer feedback on a user-friendly platform.
Check It Out
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